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The best in imaginative research - send us your brief and we promise to give you incisive thinking against your objectives.  We specialise in quantitative research projects, large and small, UK only and multinational.


Interesting things we do include:



Most of our feeling and decision-making is done in an instant: our ‘implicit’ neurosystem drives the vast majority of how brands work in the brain.  To measure this instinctive response, we use an innovative and very effective way of establishing gut-level reactions to stimuli (e.g. ads, logos, packs, branded communications of all kinds).


NoVER (Non-Verbal Emotional Response) TRACKING

We’ve found that visual demonstrations of emotional states, using facial reaction expressions, are by far the most successful way of helping people to pinpoint the way they feel about a brand, its communication, and other aspects of its activity (eg service experience). Our key difference is that we can use animated, rather than static, expressions – which because of their greater lifelike quality, are less open to misinterpretation by people than static ones.



Using the latest thinking on directed and undirected copying, conformity and interaction, to help inform on potential patterns of choice that can determine brand success.