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FYI is a new breed of research agency - based around the latest thinking on social behaviour, network influence and emotional response, to give you intelligence that you can do something with, and clear thinking to help you deal with complexity.


FYI is led by Neil Swan, an award-winning brand and comms development research expert.  Neil has worked in the best UK research agencies and has a vast amount of practical experience to offer across a huge range of sectors and markets.


ASKING QUESTIONS Everyone thinks they're an expert at this.  But this fundamental building block is almost invariably taken for granted.  We don't do that.


STEPPING BACK and working out what is important for you to pay attention to - and what isn't.  Talking to people and watching their behaviour generates a lot of information: it takes a keen eye to isolate the real highlights.



CREATING MEANING Using journalistic techniques to get to 'the story' and to communicate in a direct, engaging and memorable way.